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Bolivia, an extraordinary place, a destination that offers an incredible variety of tourist experiences. From the surreal Salar de Uyuni to the amazonian Madidi National Park, from the sacred Titicaca Lake to the dinosaur footprints in paleontological walks around Toro Toro, from a revival of the historical journey marked by the path of the Che Guevara to the vivid legacy of the Jesuits Mission, Bolivia awaits you.


Deep blue colors joining the sky throughout breathtaking glaciers, and the wisdom of ancient civilizations that inhabited its shores. Traditions and customs that persist to this day are unified throughout the highest navigable lake in the world and its attractions.



The largest and most diverse wildlife reserve in the world is the home home territory of unique fauna and flora. Between cloud forests, rain forests and desert savannas you will find this precious national park. A lively place that offers a cultural exchange with local communities and it's open to intense tourist experiences.



Isolated, ready to rediscover in this vast territory surreal beauty. Place for lost and found, again and again, and again. The largest mirror and largest salt desert, unique journey. Between mountains and volcanoes, the flamingos wander in the waters of colors in this magical landscape.